Detection Devices – Humidity


PRECISA 330 XM series moisture testing devices (mo isture analysers); is the device group developed by the brand particularly for routine procedures such as production, product testing and acceptance. It satisfies all expectations of businesses with its easy use, precise measurements and durability in tough industrial environments. EM 120-HR moisture analyzer device is the EXECUTIVE PRO class device of the 330 XM series.
EM 120-HR sets new standards in challenging work fields with its unique performance feature, best user interface content, modern design and advanced technology.



• Infrared/halogen heating system
• Heating time rangin between 0-99,9 minutes
• Easy menu browsing
• Easy operation system, 100 program memories
• Modern design
• Full automatic internal calibration SCS system
• Integrated applications
• Advanced technological protection against overload and air flow
• Worldwide service • Upgradeable via internet
• Cost-efficient spare parts from stock with all application programs, wide service network
• Bus system and barcode scanner, secondary screen, smart box, 8 cable connections,
• 4 port input-output box (ops) • Transfer data to Windows with Balint program (ops)
• Analog data output (ops) • Additional interfaces RS422, RS485, 20MAc.l.(ops)
• Net total , F, % weight, increment, GLP
• Anti-theft, unmovable against theft
• IP65 and ICM protection (ops)
• Special digital protection against air flow and shocks
• Battery operation (ops )
• PC and printer connection