Spectrophotometers UV – VIS


UV-2601 is a double beam UV-VIS spectrometer which combi nes high accuracy and reliability of measurements for various applications. It can be widely used for qualitative and quan titative analysis in such fields as biochemistry, pharmaceu tical, manufacturing, education, environmental protection, food industry, clinical research, health services and anti-epi demiological studies.



• Wide wavelength range, satisfying requirements of vari ous fields.
• Five options for spectral bandwidth selection, 5nm, 4nm, 2nm and 1nm, made according to customer’s need and satisfying the requirements of pharmacopoeia
• Fully automated design, realizing the simplest measure ment
• Optimized optics and large scale integrated circuits design, light source and receiver from world famous manufacturer all add up to high performance and reliability
• Rich measurement methods, wavelength scan, time scan, multi-wavelength determination, multi-order de rivative determination, double-wavelength method and triple-wavelength method etc., meet different mea surement requirements.
• Automatic 10mm 8-cell holder, changeable to automatic 5mm-50mm 4-position cell holder for more choices.
• Data output can be obtained via a printer port and a 8 Parameters and data can be saved in case of power failure for user’s convenience.
• PC controlled measurement can be achieved via RS-232 interface (USB port) for more accurate and flexible requirement.